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How do you Change the Date format?


How to do this using Joomla 1.5, assuming you want to change the default English:

1. Navigate to the language\en-GB folder in your Joomla install.
2. Edit the en-GB.ini file.
3. Change the date formats near the top. The parameters you see there (that is %A, %H, etc.) are replacements for the formatting of the date. The available parameters can be found in the PHP link in the above post.

An example for my particular setup, I wanted to switch to a format that looks like this for my front page articles.

Sunday, March 3 2008

I changed DATE_FORMAT_LC2 key to the parameters below to accomplish this:


Reload the front page, and it was good to go.

Some More Formates

it worked for me on the backend in joomla 1.5.10 by changing en en-GB.ini file in administrator/languages/en-GB to:

DATE_FORMAT_LC2=%A, %B %e %Y %H:%M
# %Y-%M-%D=%Y-%M-%D
%A, %B %E=%A, %B %e

note that the LC4 entry is the only one that mattered on the content dates.

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