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Creating a Magento web site


Once you have completed the Magento installation, you can proceed with the configuration of your web site.

By default the main page looks as follows:

home page

In order to start populating your web site with content, you need to navigate to the Magento’s admin area:

admin area login page

Log in with the details entered during the script installation and navigate to System -> Configuration. Here you can configure the script options per your personal needs. Most options are self-explanatory:

system configuration

Once you are ready with the configuration, open the Catalog -> Manage Categories section. Now let’s create a new category. The only required field is the name.

new category

You can leave the other settings intact. Once you have a new category, you can add some products under it. This can be done through the Catalog -> Manage Products section. Click on the [Add Products] button:

manage products

Click on the [Continue] button:

new product

Now you can enter details for your product:

product details

Clicking on the [Create New Attribute] button will allow you to add attributes to your products:

new attribute

Once you are ready with the attribute, click on the [Save Attribute] button. Then you can click on the [Save] button in order to store your product information.

At this point you will be prompted for the price of the product. You can enter the default price, a special price and its validity, the cost and whether it is taxable:

product price

Click on the [Save] button to continue. You need to assign the new product to a chosen category:

assign product to category

Then you should define the available quantity of the product and whether it is in the stock:


You can also check product reviews, product tags and the other options. Once you are ready, click on the [Save] button. The new product will be added to your online shop.

From the Catalog category you can also manage the attributes, rewrite URLs for the products, perform searches, edit tags, generate a GoogleMap and manage reviews and ratings:


From the Promotions section you can set promotions, define the rules for them and the customers’ groups for which the promotions are valid:


Multiple comprehensive statistics and reports can be obtained at the Magento admin area -> Reports.


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