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JQuery plugin : barcode


Version : 2.0.3
Licence : GPL / Cecill
Date : 2013-01-06
Author: DEMONTE Jean-Baptiste, HOUREZ Jonathan

Download barcode jQuery plugin 2.0.3

Barcode JQuery plugin installation

Like any plugin, just inclure the source file after including that of JQuery.

  1. <script type=“text/javascript” src=“jquery-1.3.2.min.js”></script>
  2. <script type=“text/javascript” src=“jquery-barcode.js”></script>

Using barcode JQuery plugin

To use this plugin, symply define a container th host the visuel barcode

  1. <div id=“bcTarget”></div>

Using example of the plugin

  1. $(“#bcTarget”).barcode(“1234567890128″, “ean13″);

Prototype of the barcode function

  1. barcode: function(datas, type, settings)



Value barcode (dependent on the type of barcode)
If barcode type include it, the presence of the checksum is not mandatory, it ise automatically recalculated


type : ean8, ean13, code11, code39, code128, codabar
member Type
code string
type : std25, int25, code93
member Type
code string
crc boolean
type : msi
member Type
code string
crc boolean
object crc1 : string(”mod10″, “mod11″)
crc2 : string(”mod10″, “mod11″)
type : datamatrix
member Type
code string
rect boolean (default : false)

type (string)

  • codabar
  • code11 (code 11)
  • code39 (code 39)
  • code93 (code 93)
  • code128 (code 128)
  • ean8 (ean 8)
  • ean13 (ean 13)
  • std25 (standard 2 of 5 - industrial 2 of 5)
  • int25 (interleaved 2 of 5)
  • msi
  • datamatrix (ASCII + extended)

settings (object)

visual configuration of the barcode

Parameter Type Default value Detail Limitation
barWidth int 1 width of a bar 1D
barHeight int 50 container height 1D
moduleSize int 5 largeur / hauteur d’un module 2D
showHRI bool true display text (HRI : Human readable Interpretation)
bgColor text #FFFFFF background color
color text #000000 barcode color
fontSize int 10 font size of the HRI
output text css output type : css, svg, bmp, canvas
renderer : canvas
Parameter Type Default value Detail
posX int 0 X origine
posY int 0 Y origine

Example :

  1. <input type=“button” onclick=‘$(”#bcTarget”).barcode(”1234567890128″, ”ean13″,{barWidth:2, barHeight:30});’ value=“ean13″>
  1. <input type=“button” onclick=‘$(”#bcTarget2″).barcode(”1234567″, ”int25″,{barWidth:2, barHeight:30});’ value=“int25″>
  1. <input type=“button” onclick=‘$(”#bcTarget3″).barcode({code: ”1234567″, crc:false}, ”int25″,{barWidth:2, barHeight:30});’ value=“int25 without crc”>

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