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FullCalendar timezones not modifying times on client’s end


was able to get it to work from the demo. I updated your date format to include colons for the offset. Also the latest stable version of fullcalendar 1.6.4 doesn’t have a timezone variable.

        editable: true,
        header : {
        ignoreTimezone: false,
        events: [
            start: "2014-02-06T14:10:00+02:00",
            title:"My title",
            allDay: false

If you are using the beta release 2.0, then you need to remove ignoreTimezone as this is no longer a parameter.

Updated Answer:

It turns out the issue was how the dates were being handled on the backend. Here is how I solved this problem.

            $timestampStart = strtotime($mysql_start_date);
            $timestampEnd = strtotime($mysql_end_date);
            $local_time_start = $timestampStart + date('Z');
            $local_time_end = $timestampEnd + date('Z');
            $local_date_start = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $local_time_start);
            $local_date_end = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $local_time_end);

            $event['start'] = $local_date_start;
            $event['end'] = $local_date_end;

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