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What are CSS buttons?



On this site, you”ll find loads of buttons that you may use on your
own website for free. Sites offering free buttons are already quite
plentiful on the Internet. So what makes this site special? Why use the
buttons we are offering? Because these are CSS/HTML-based.

We have buttons made entirely out of CSS/HTML for instant loading
and also image buttons enhanced with CSS.

Forms and CSS

Also visit the CSS forms page
for ways to improve on the plain HTML forms that we are so used to.

Why not just use images?

Although there”s nothing wrong with using images for your buttons,
CSS-based buttons online casino offer numerous advantages.

  • They”re smaller and hence quicker to load
  • They can be modified much easier than an image can
  • They are more easily accessible by text-based browsers and web
    crawlers, giving your site a wider audience and better SEO.

Here are a couple of examples of buttons created or enhanced using
plain CSS and HTML. I decided to use inline CSS to make it
simpler to use the buttons and cater for different types of buttons on
a single page. This does increase the size and you can make the code
even smaller by including the CSS in a separate .css file.

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Browse the collection that we have on this site or create your own
and simply paste the code into your page, wherever you want it. It”s as
simple as that. I would also appreciate any comments on these.

(Note: This site is tested to work correctly with Mozilla Firefox and
Opera browsers. Users with IE or other browsers may experience varying

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